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Focus Counselling Service is provided for you by Lois and Pam. We have been in Berkhamsted for 12 years working formerly as The Focus Project. We offer affordable counselling to help you make sense of your world and to enable you to manage your issues and challenges as best as you can, which is all we can ask of ourselves. Anyone over the age of 13 is welcome and referrals can come through individuals, doctors, other agencies, family or friends. Lois and Pam have had diverse backgrounds including nursing, teaching and working with people of all ages throughout their working careers. Training as Therapeutic Counsellors has been a natural progression for them resulting from their experience of working with people. We work systemically to help and enable you to understand your personal ways of being and to view your world from your perspective. This will provide you with an opportunity to talk in a confidential environment about your current and past experiences, enabling you to clarify problems and make choices.

Do you have problems with?

Anxiety, panic attacks and social anxiety

Anger issues

Self esteem and confidence issues

Difficulties with communication

Conflict management and resolution

with yourself, your family, friends, and work environment

Loss and bereavement which presents itself in many forms

, friends, pets, jobs, friendships, partner relationship

Emotional, physical and sexual abuse

Loneliness / Isolation

We can help

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Call 07979 733 003 / 07850 733 662

We offer Specialised Counselling in the following areas to give you the opportunity to explore issues that may have an impact on your life:

Counselling Service available: Gable House Therapy rooms Telephone /Skype Mobile Counselling service offered by arrangement

Book A Counselling Session Now

Call 07979 733 003 / 07850 733 662

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Focus Counselling Service

Therapy rooms available in Chesham and Berkhamsted or alternative arrangements subject to discussion

telephone: 07979 733 003 / 07850 733 662


Opening times

Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00

Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00

Friday 10:00 - 16:00

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Organisational member of BACP.
Membership no: 129961 Membership no: 296889